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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Latest Hairstyles

Every teenager wants a fun, flirty look; the easiest way is to have cute teen hairstyles. Any hair style has the potential to be cute: long, medium or short. Cute hairstyles must be fun, and have a modern edge. Many teen cute hair styles are low maintenance. Teens should select cute hairstyles that suit their face shape, hair texture and lifestyle.
Short hair cuts – Short hair is stylishly attractive and easy to maintain. Short hairstyles fit beautifully with oval face shape, pointy chins, and are perfect for girls with very feminine facial characteristics. You can have layers to highlights, curly or straight, bobs, shags, crew cuts, blunts, pixie, flips, tapers, and more. Short styles are perfect for men, women, and kids of all ages.

Medium cute haircuts – They have more versatility than short hair dos and can create different stylish results. Curly, wavy, straight hairstyles, modern mullet, medium shag and bob are very popular medium styles. Medium hair considerably substitutes long ones and need less attention and care.
Long cute hair cuts – Beautiful long hair has decent look. There are so many cute haircuts for long hair, such as ponytails, French twists, updos, emo bangs, long tapered bangs, layers, blonde locks, chunky highlights, curls, sedu, spiral perm, etc.

Tips for cute hair styles:
1. When you pick a style, don’t just follow the latest trend. You need to look for a hairstyle fitting for your face shape, personal style.
2. In order to keep your style looking cute and fresh, keep your split ends trimmed.
3. Keep your cute hair healthy. Drink lots of water, eat diet and use a good conditioner.
4. You need to choose the hair color that looks good with your skin tone and eye color.


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