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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Like attracts like

If you want to explore the hidden curiosity behind the above mentioned statement, analyze your own attitude while opening this article after reading just “The Heading”. The heading motivated you to open and read the article. This is because you liked it and now you are reading.

It’s not just a matter of an article; believe you in me, every thing around you is having the same level of motivation & energy. You just need to Explore……. It will take little of your time to think deeply about your hidden desires & goals. In the same regard, let me share two of my favorite statements with you, “Be whatever you want to be” and “Do whatever you want to do”.

If you will get attracted towards these statements and if you can understand the above mentioned example of reading this article; you can easily understand the crux of the law “Like attracts like”.

This is the simple and straight forward rule to achieve any thing you want in your life. First of all you need to develop a very positive thinking approach. When you think positive, you will act positive automatically. So in order to do well, you must think well. When you started thinking about your goal with a positive approach that you can achieve, you will automatically started working to have it, intentionally or unintentionally. So, Evaluate yourself, develop a connection between your mind and soul, make-up your mind and bring out your hidden desire from the back of your mind and place it in your first priorities. Do not forget that you “can do”. If you really like your task, your task likes you too for sure. This is the simple law of “Like attracts like”, what ever you like and get attracted towards, it will like you too as a response. It has nothing to do with your luck, you educational and finantional background etc. Although these aspects have their own important place in every body’s life, but they can’t be hurdle in the law of “likes attract like”. But while thinking positive and moving towards the way of achieving your destination, never ever think negative for a single time, because a single negative thought of losing the game can distract you from the road of success and you can lessen your positive energy. So keep your spirits high while moving forward and keep the attraction and charm within you, in order to get your Goal.
Remember, this law can only work if you like to work on it.


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