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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Shape up for summer

Whether you want to tone up, lose a few extra pounds or improve your fitness levels, now’s the time to get started.If the early spring sunshine has got you in the mood for summer, your thoughts may have turned to looking good – and feeling healthy – for your upcoming holiday. Be it shedding some of that extra winter “padding”, toning up for the beach or upping your fitness levels so you can enjoy a more active holiday, there’s no better time to begin. We asked Kathryn Freeland, celebrity personal trainer and managing director of Absolute Fitness, for her insider tips to help you get your body healthy and ready for summer.

Food and fitness diariesThe first step to shaping up is keeping a diet and exercise diary. “It’s the only way to know exactly what you’re eating and how active you really are,” says Kathryn. “Write down absolutely everything you eat and any exercise you do.”

If you’ve set your sights on getting fitter, Kathryn advises adding up the amount of exercise you currently do and increasing it by 10 per cent a week. “If you’re currently quite sedentary, that means starting with a five-minute run. If you’re already exercising, add an extra 30-minute workout each week, so you’re gradually building up your fitness levels,” she says.

For weight loss, Kathryn suggests studying your diet diary for weaknesses then cutting out one or two obvious culprits, such as cakes, biscuits or alcohol. “It’ll make a big difference to your overall calorie intake and really help weight loss, especially if you’re upping your activity levels, too.”

Expert exercise advice“You don’t have to pay for months’ worth of personal training sessions to get the benefit of expert advice,” says Kathryn. “If you’re keen to get fitter, book one or two sessions and ask your trainer to either shake up your current programme with more effective exercises, or give you advice on where to start if you’re new to activity. A personal trainer can create a tailor-made, targeted programme to help you reach your goals without injuring yourself, then you can go away and reap the rewards on your own.”

If you want to find a qualified personal trainer near you, you can check the Register of Exercise Professionals.

Toning and firming tipsFirming up flabby muscles is all about working against resistance. “It doesn’t matter whether you use free weights, your own body weight, Dyna-Bands or medicine balls,” advises Kathryn. “Simple sit-ups and press-ups are a good starting point, or you could join an exercise class like yoga, BodyPump or Pilates if you’re unsure what exercises will specifically target your wobbly areas.”

How to boost weight lossIf weight loss is your goal, cardiovascular exercise (CV) should be your new best friend – it’s the only way to burn fat effectively. “Jogging is a free and easy CV exercise: you can do it anytime, anywhere and the only investment is a good pair of trainers,” says Kathryn. “If running is too hard for you, alternate it with walking. Do whatever you can manage and push yourself a little more each time. You’ll be amazed how quickly you start to see results.”


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