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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

From personality profiling to wellness

There are three persona types i.e. vatta type or Type V, pitta type or Type P and the Kapha type or Type K personalities. These are the ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs you see around. Ayurveda strongly advocates the philosophy of 'As is within, so is without'. All the traits are naturally held by the doshas ” vatta, pitta and kapha. This makes up your basic nature (physical and mental aspects). 

Type P personality (the pitta type)
> The pitta person is bound to be hot-tempered. 
> He has a sharp intellect and body features may also concur with this quality. 
> They tend to perspire more and are more assertive as well. 
> Skin and hair would have an oily texture and radiance. 
Self care 
> Cool and calming foodstuff and cold drinks would prove to be relieving. 
> Maintaining easy-going attitude and evading potent 
and intense food is needed. 
> Stressful conditions and nervous tension need to be avoided. 

Type V personality (the vatta type)
> You have a thin and lean physique and tend to walk notably fast.
> Normally, you have rough and dry texture of skin and keep getting fissures on soles of feet and in palms, and your skin tends to wrinkle early. 
> Cool of the winters or cold environments are just unbearable for your being.
Self care 
> In order to combat vatta imbalance, one needs to take charge of his diet and routine just like serving a close friend. 
> Keeping the stomach empty would invite aggravation of the air dosha. The meals should not be too heavy but more frequent.  

Type K personality (the kapha type)
> The individual is heavy-boned with a bodily frame on the heavier side. 
> Skin and hair are more oily and supple. 
> They tend to put on weight effortlessly and has slow body movements and thinking is unwavering. 
Self care 
> Avoid overeating and heavy foods. Fried and oily foods are to be discouraged in diet. 
> Vigorous workouts, avoidance of afternoon naps and practicing mental exercises are needed. Also, more talking and involvement in manual activities would do you good.


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