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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Love Mein Gum, Love Mein Gum, Love Mein Gum!

 You might be thinking what is this three-times-Love-Mein-Gum-thing!! Seems overly-love-mein-gum!! But this is the title song of Reema Khan’s upcoming Love Mein Gum.

Where the glamour and the entry of more than 40 star guests will take you back to Bollywood’s Om Shanti Om, there merrily sung Love Mein Gum by Ali Zafar will give it plus points.

No doubt the video, directed by Saqib Malik, is a complete clone of Indian Om Shanti Om, yet ReemaKhan has done a good job in bringing forth designers,models and mini screen actors to the big screen.

The song Love Mein Gum is surely going to be the mega song of Lollywood this year, with its high dose of glamour and posh, yet if Reema Khan could have used ‘her’ brain instead of Farah Khan’s, the song and the video would have been a flawless one!! Well there are always ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ in Lollywood!
Still we wish Reema Khan very best of luck for her Love Mein Gum!


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