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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sherezad Rahimtoola’s Jewelry

Ayyan models for Sherezad Rahimtoola’s Jewelry 

Supermodel Ayyan, sensational as she is naturally, and looked more enticing as the delicately embellished diamonds shined on her body, as she posed for Sherezad Rahimtoola’s jewelry.

Sherezad Rahimtoola’s diamond jewelry took up Islamabad’s fashionistas by a storm, as it launched exclusively at L’atelier as hoards of ladies picked up exquisite items from bijou earrings to exquisite bridal sets.

There were spectacular pieces of jewelry in deluxe quality VVS diamonds and 22 karat gold in futuristic yet traditional designs. There was a collection of smaller earrings with grey and champagne colored south sea pearls embedded into diamond setting.

The hand-carved stones added an extra pizzazz to the piece. With myriads of stones including emeralds, pink tourmaline, rubilites, brandy topaz and sapphires embedded beautifully, the jewelry looked young and fresh.
Speaking about the jewelry, Rahimtoola said, “I deliberately do not want to keep my prices sky high because it doesn’t make the experience worth it and I want the jewelry to speak for itself.”

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I can only imagine the beauty of those hand carved emeralds. By the way I also saw these at
By the way Ayyan looks really stunning in that jewellery! I am so glad to you for making such a post.

ishoppingpk said...

carved stone work on dresses is very appealing to fashionista women, Can see huge collections at women Fashion Store in Pakistan.

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