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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Ainy Jaffri Pakistani Model and Actress

Ainy Jaffri Pakistani Model and Actress was born in Karachi, Sindh Pakistan. She was born into a Muslim Family. Although she was born in Pakistan but she has lived all her life in Singapore. It is just recently, that Ainy Jaffri Pakistani Model and Actress has come back. Aniy is the eldest among the three sisters, and she use to be a very dominating sister.Her other sister Mehr Jaffri is a producer, she produced LAMHA which is one of the famous movies of Pakistani Industry. And her youngest is involved with labor employment in Pakistan.Ainy Jaffri Pakistani Model and Actress spent most of her life living abroad. She did her Bachelors in Commerce from McGill University in Canada. After completing her bachelors she came back to Singapore and started working in an advertisement Company.But it was soon that she realized she had to come back to Pakistan because she was homesick. She use to miss Pakistani food, Pakistani culture etc.Though her moving back to Pakistan had more to do with her passion for acting than anything else.


sheena ali said...

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pakistani actresses said...

Ainy Jaffri is a famous model in the Pakistan

pakistani actresses said...

wow Gorgeous Look Nice Style

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Thanks a lot 4 comments here on my fashion blog ...:-)

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